June 18 2011

Wyolum Clock
ClockTHREE is a clock that tells the time in words a la QlockTWO and the Worduino. Each of these clocks contains an array of LEDs behind a lettered faceplate. The faceplate itself is like a word search that hides all of the words needed to spell out the time. The words become visible only when they are selectively backlit with computer-controlled LEDs.

Wifi network, chip embedded webserver and 14x40 led signboard

Hackerspace Charlotte

Triad Hackerspace 

Charlotte Area
We at SheekGeek strive to bring you the best educational kits and materials with a focus on do-it-yourself projects and hands-on learning. Our goal is simple; to get more people, especially children, interested and involved in science and engineering. If you have any suggestions for products we should carry or services we should provide, please let us know!

Kens Robots
Big collection of current and vintage kit robots. Raleigh-area.

Triangle Amateur Robotics
Raleigh club for creating fun personal robots.

Hacking Spot
A Cary, NC supplier of kits and components.

Open Source.com
A community service of RedHat. Distributes versions of Fedora bundles with freeware creative suites.

FabLabs Carolinas
MIT Mobile Fab Lab trailer in Durham area.

Metal working craft shop in Raleigh

Durham Hackerspace

NC Near Space Research
Live streaming of balloon flights.

757 Labs Hackerspace
Norfolk Virginia area hackerspace

NC Science Festival